Leap Motion Working, but I look like a contortionist!


I have my Leap Motion working now using the build in LeapHands.js. That said, everything is backwards, my arms are twisted like pretzels and I generally feel like a contortionist.

The Leap Motion works correctly in other applications, so that’s clearly not the issue. Any advice would be well received! Thanks!



Well that’s timely.

@ctrlaltdavid was just finishing up the source code so the Leap Motion will work without the use of .js files.


@KittyKat Make sure you tell Interface whether you’re using the Leap Motion on your desktop or your HMD: https://wiki.highfidelity.com/wiki/Leap_Motion (tick the “Leap Motion on HMD” option if you’re using it on your HMD).


I did everything in there… My hands are backwards, upside down…


Yes, same with me the other day. Leap works but orientation is all wrong now.


try it with the wooden manequinne avatar, incase its a rigging problem. I had to change my judas ava to work in the rift recently becasue somthing changed i think with the ik and bone names


Leap Motion SDK / runtime Interface is built with: 2.3.1 (i.e., NOT Orion).

My Leap Motion Control Panel > Tracking settings:

  • Robust Mode: yes
  • Tool Tracking: no
  • Hand Tracking: yes
  • Auto-orient tracking: yes


I’ve had conversations about this nonsupport of Orion I think we have a case that this is the standard now

just to let you know there is a new update coming out but obviously not with the support of Orion
Make Leap Motion a plugin #10797