Lenovo Explorer (Windows Mixed Reality) Headset almost working but can't fly.. :(


I did try WMR device recently with HighFidelity and VR experiences. It almost works everywhere.
With HighFidelity I tried to enable fly but I could not figure out how to fly.
Does someone help me in understand how to fly with WMR devices?



have you checked in the settings, that ‘flying’ is selected? For some reasons it is sometimes deactivated with my WMR headset.


It is almost impossible to use :frowning:
I eventually managed to “fly”, but cannot go forward, it only makes me go up clicking the trigger and pressing the top part of the touch button on the right, or down touching the bottom part of the button. Must also add that even the small “success” of flying was indeed a very difficult achievement and difficult to duplicate systematically…
It is really frustrating. I cannot swim flying on an island which is a bit offset from my position… It seems that only teleport is working, but high island are not reachable or very distant ones. I never had this kind of problems with HTC Vive or Oculus, so I think there is something bad in the drive. Is there something special I should do in order to have back all the standard movement commands?image
How I am supposed to do with the joystick in this image? it seems high fidelity is not sensing it in any position I move it :frowning: