Let’s brainstorm a cool name for the HiFi-crew!


In the last meetings @philip asked us to find a name for the High Fidelity team.
I think this is a very important task as the feelings we associate with such a name can determine the communication between the people working for HiFi and its users in the future.

So let’s get together and find something friendly and cool here!

This is the Top 10 of names my mind came up with
(please don’t laugh at me but do it better ;-)):

  • the Backbones
  • the Constructors
  • the CoreCoders
  • the SourceCoders
  • the Sourcerers
  • the MagicDoers
  • the Codeities
  • the Cyberspacers
  • the Metaversers
  • the WorldForgers


Phillip’s Minions?


The developers.

Other names will lead to problems.


But i cant think of a snappy accronym




At the moment - as there are all generalists working for HiFi - I might agree with you.
But what happens when HiFi grows?
There are gonna be PR-persons, SocialMedia-manager, accountants, fund-managers, secretaries, trainees and all kind of other folks employed at HiFi, and I’m not sure if “developers” would be a good umbrella-term to cover them all.


Then like in the 100, using the nutok lang where the tribes were Trikru and Skaikru, call the HiFI crew Haikru

==> Haikru


I didn’t get warm with the 100, but I definitely like the Haikru :slight_smile:


The Devels…

or just: Larray



Or perhaps:

Crew’; DROP TABLE Members;–

With fond reference to: https://xkcd.com/327/


:sunglasses: Visionaries


The Architects (or maybe HiFi Architect).

I was thinking “the Authority” from His Dark Materials was a cool name, but out of context it sounds a bit…authoritarian.


The DreamMakers



Intelligent Designers