Lets get new users interested


I have been very quiet lately as I develop my own VR studio in Unity for Oculus, But JasonMo has commissioned me for phaze 2 of his production so here I am. Also since I see Hifi has secured another 35 megabux it appears Hifi is not going away in a hurry, it gives me renewed interest and faith in the platform.

I would like to point out an observation… Hifi could be more user friendly. Play along if you will.

The web first started like this, “oh theres this thing called the web, lets have a look at some web pages, hey this is cool, lets look at some more web pages”…5 years later…“oh you mean I can make my own web pages htf do you do that?”…2 years later… “whew now I have learned how to build my own page, this is great.”

Imagine if the web started like this, “oh theres this thing called the web, you can build your own web page…wtf how in the world do I do that?”…1 week later…“this is no fun its too hard”…leaves and goes back to Nintendo.

By putting emphasis on building your own domain, new users put all their energy into building their own domain and they think they have failed if they cant build their own domain, so they leave.
I think Hifi should concentrate on the end user, not the domain developer thats putting the cart before the horse, its too hard for most people and that is the exact result we have seen all this time. Sure there needs to be content but the www started with very little content but lots of passive users and the demand on the user was low.
We need to reduce the demand on the user, make it fun not hard work, this is why VRChat is winning, its easy, people dont have to build their own play areas.
Dont promote the making your own domain part so much, thats just splintering the user base.
The web always had the ability to host your own site but we didnt care, we wanted to consume,
we wanted to read about Star Trek, encyclopedias, music, porn, movie trivia, and study material, eventually email came and that was the extent of most peoples active contribution.

Letting people see other people online, and communicate remotely with other people is far more powerful and compelling than you might think, Facebook is testimony to this. With this in mind Hifi needs to improve and expand the groups system and introduce the ever promised global chat systems and even offline messaging and mailboxing systems, after all we are primarily a social network with no social networking abilities.

I suggest Hifi spend a few $10k (real money) and pay some of the most progressive domain developers existing today to create some compelling and interesting content to make a visit cool for the passive user.
Competitions can end up being extremely unfair as some regular people spend huge amounts of time and get nothing for their efforts and some unknown user pops in and takes the prize and is never seen again and takes his content away with him, thats unfair and pointless, it doesnt generate content.
Hifi needs user numbers, maybe give a weekly stipend of some HFC to every visitor who logs in daily to entice user numbers. They can then buy stuff. Buying from the marketplace has the benefit of not needing the user to have a hosting account, which I believe was one of the game killers here. Plus more users with spending money means more content creators will be working for the HFC. Its win win win to me.
I dont know I am thinking out loud now so I will pass the batton.


Looking in my crystal ball, I see this happening only after the implementation of the block chain authentication. Certainly web base, then plugged on the tablet.


I recon
5 years in all those millions spent and it’s pretty much the same users as we started with .
Remember when the alpha opened up and all secondife arrived .Evey one of them said no text chat no avatars and never came back.
If we don’t know who we are targeting how can we please them
.I would love to build some new experiences agrees about these competitions being crowd sourcing
I liked the pioneer builders program
Submit a proposal for a build
Agree a price
Make it


I think there are a few problems, that need to be fixed.

  1. The controls people not like. I hope the customization option is available soon. And that run on xbox works without doing weird combinations with pressing the shift on the keyboard. If you do that you cannot steer ! because that’s on the wrong stick !

  2. Make it more easy for creators to work with the build tools. split the create tools so it’s not attached to the tablet in desktop mode. Right now you cannot check or do anything on the tablet without getting some auto-close of the create tools.

  3. Improved the goto app. It’s difficult to find places. And if people dont know you need to wait a d keep try to move beyond the first 10 not much get found. It’s a slow process to. And horizontal still not works nice. in VR and desktop.

  4. Stop installing the default sandbox content, just ask if people want it first. Also make it easy to delete the default sandbox.

  5. Not sure if it’s still the same. people could not use high fidelity because it use to much internet bandwidth. Also the graphics requirements where or are higher then other platform.

  6. I keep saying it, high fidelity need default a chat and PM system. text communication is the base of virtual worlds, you not going to change that by make it difficult to use some domain chat app without pm option… If people cannot communicate to each other if the are on different domains, it’s hard to get things going. Right now it’s pretty impossible to ask anybody to come over or mabye i can come over. Besides, it’s already hard to find anybody online. no text chat/pm is not social. text chat also save bandwidth for people and make high fidelity more usable for people.

  7. Pay more attention to the apple client, make sure VR works on it. Not sure uf VR still works on apple version of high fidelity.

  8. high fidelity need to be more stable. it’s still very easy to get it crashed. It dud happen a few times with discord app in VR when i where typing.

  9. If people want to have there own domain. Make it easy for people to have one. Not all people can run it from home. The option with cloud seems to have it’s own problems if i understand @Adrian correct.

  10. I still need to check it. but i think the ATP browser still need love to.

  11. I think people want better graphics. high fidelity gives the feeling of secondlife in 2009.

Last thing, still cursi g the create tool and cache. It would rock if cache get disable when you use the create tool. Fux so many problems and frustrations.

Thst’s it for now.


I agree overall with all the comments here. I’ve been researching a few other VR platforms lately, such as:

  • VR Chat
  • RecRoom
  • AltSpace
  • Anyland

All those platforms have a pretty limited scope compared to HiFi, but the thing they have in common is that they put a lot of work on the user interface and user experience in general. For example in Anyland you can create everything in VR mode, even scripts!, while it is a much smaller project they are doing a great work when it comes to UI.

IMHO HiFi should spend a decent amount of resources on doing a serious usability project plan that would include research and usability tests with potential users.

If they can achieve a good user experience plus having more domains/avatars/assets created by top designers/developers they could attract more users and that will create some buffer time to work on the hard technical stuff.

But lets not be so negative :smiley: HiFi is unique and it’s way ahead of many vaporware blockchain projects buzzing around.They just need to take more ‘enterprisey’ decisions to bump it up.


that said they did the same thing with sansar and it has both those things lol.

people just wanna share pictures of kitens and be indignant about this and that

if people cant fully communicate in hifi, they wont use hifi to communicate
they will use the stupid forum and stupid discord and stupid slack and crappy skype or just use secondlife



I have to agree the tools and controls need help. While the create tools are sort of more useful in desktop mode, VR mode is just not easy. As for controls, after finally getting my hands on the joystick mod for the Vive, I completely get where people are coming from with the controls in most other VR games that use that kind of setup. On top of that, why does the Android version have full analog controls? Port that to the PC version.

As for Goto, one could take footnotes from VRChat and just include an expand option for all 3 sections (Places, Recent Snapshots, Happening Now). In addition, maybe include a horizontal bar on the bottom to help telegraph to new users that “Hey, there’s more stuff, just slide to it.” It’d also help in making it more desktop friendly since people are used to seeing a scroll bar if content is not shown on the screen.

Bandwidth and graphics will always be a mixed bag. This is coming from someone who had 5/0.5 Mbps. Because the platform is so open, anyone can generate content of various sizes and complexity. What would be nice is if a user had tools to minimize on content a domain operator may consider optional, for both graphic performance and bandwidth saving. This means a user could enter a domain with a lower end machine, but still be able to walk around because grass and smoke particles were disabled, but the animated fire is still present. I know there’s the LOD system, but how that determines what should and shouldn’t exist isn’t always accurate (like yeah, derender my eyes but keep my extra poly horns visible).

Chat… okay, I do agree chat should be a thing, but PMs… that is where things get complicated unless the system uses something centralized (which is not quite what Hifi is aiming for from what I can gather) or an agreed upon system between domains. The issue is making sure the messages remain secured in transit, since you would have to trust the domains involved to not pry into those messages or hold onto them for later decryption. That being said, I could see a pseudo email system getting some use by having the placenames act as addresses for users, who can have access keys to any messages sent to their inboxes stored on the domains. I’ll have to ponder the idea some more later.

Overall, most of what Adrian said I have to agree with. I get this is an early beginning, but the tools and means of doing things right now is very rough; so rough it means putting things into the system is arbitrarily harder because the foundation still isn’t even polished.


I completely agree with everything here, especially this. Adrian’s right: there is not enough to DO here. What I liked about the old Welcome domain was that there were a bunch of simple activities like ping pong or the bow and arrow game that encouraged social interaction. I would wander around alone, watch some people shooting hoops, then join in. Little things like the new rainbow gun and paint gun are great, Hi Fi needs about twenty more instances like this. I checked out Garage Band the other day, that looks like it has potential. But like Adrian says, if HiFi can invest a little in creating content, stuff to manipulate, more simple activities that encourage making friends, it can attract more users.

That said, one thing I really like about HiFi is that it’s made for, primarily, adults. I’ve been in VR Chat and Rec Room, and while they are much more fun to spend time in the HiFi (things to do, things work all the time), both sites are clearly for teenagers.

If HiFi can offer fun, simple, social activities, lots of 'em and all the time, while continuing to cater to adults, the user base might start building up. We’ll see…


#3 is my big issue with HiFi. Finding new domains is ridiculously hard to do. A vertical side-scroll is not the best way to find new worlds. I’d like to be able to scan 10-15 thumbnails at a time, in a larger window.


Agree, more thumbnails, with still big enough images. combined with vertical scrollbar. horizontal scrolling just does not work nice. So the tablet need to rotate in VR and desktop.