Let's think. How can people run domain if


Am thinking, yes in the future it mabye is not needed. But that takes a while.

Meanwhile, How can people host a domain in high fidelity that not have one or more of this points.

  1. Fast internet connection.
  2. Skills to run a remote server from hoster.
  3. Only have some amount of GB / Month the can use on there internet.

How can people run a domain right now in high fidelity ?
There no company’s that host High Fidelity managed servers etc.

It’s something that keeps me a bit puzzled right now.

I know nr.1 get solved at some point in the future.
Point 2 is especially aproblem for mac users, that are not used to windows or linux.
and 3 is anyway a problem. but without sandbox at home the can do more.


My net isnt really fast enough for people to get a good instant experience.
But regular visitors have it all cached so they it works well enough

I wish the hosted build was easy to do.I’m not familiar with all that linux stuff and all the compiling a thingy stuff
I was told they are cheap to run but I find the tek side of that off putting.
It might be nice if hifi had an option where they do all that for us, auto updating and what not.maybe they charge a nominal setup maintenance fee or maybe that could be a user business plan


I agree , some VHFPS (Virtual High Fidelity Private Server) that people can rent for . few / month 5-20/month ? with some amount of ATP storage would be nice. 2 or 3 different packages with more speed.

It also would help to get more people and accept it by bigger audience. Waitimng until somone is going todo it sounds like a wrong move.


I think a dollar over what ever the server space costs per month, certainly till hifi’s finished. It always struck me as strange how many people do the online hosting thing but have to build it all themselves.


I’d consider doing it for 15 USD/month which is 5 USD over cost. That would be a Linux based server with https access to web console for managing server and around 20GB available ATP space. Updates to HF server would be automagic and you could opt for the “stable” server builds or the most current “DEV” builds. Quick off the cuff calculations says that should be good for 15-20 AV concurrency depending on how much complex physical items are present. I have the infrastructure already made to do this for my own purposes so I wouldn’t have to do a ton of devel work.