Let's try this again... One year later


It’s been a year since I posted on this forum or tried to log in. I’m down to just my Macbook Air which I don’t feel will handle Interface (is that still what we call it?) but I want to give this a go with a fresh start.


Well it was nice to see a “clear my settings” because in the past I had issues that were “leftovers” from past builds. Clearing it all out and updating now.

Installing Alpha-4678

We are NOT calling it “Interface” it seems. A folder to drag into applications with two apps. High Fidelity and Sandbox.

Can’t open from Finder as it’s not a “Trusted” developer. Right click on app to force launch.

Logging In

I see a red phone booth in an empty world and sky POP oh wait no, walls, windmill?

WASD controls, I see another avatar here. List of users online. Walk around. Nice, place looks huge.

Muting mic, wondering who was hearing me listen to a youtube science program in the background.

Got a message that draw distance is being adjusted.

Exploring the house, can I run? Shift? No that makes me look up and down. Just fell through the floor of the house. Ah, holding down the button longer speeds you up. While trashing got me unstuck from under the house.

Are those hills far off or a backdrop? (Hit’s esc) Paused? You can pause this?

A very long slow walk (what happened to running?) but those hills are real.

Windmill is far behind me, do I turn back or look for a way to move faster. (Tries “go to”) Oooh a directory, let’s go to the beach.

It is pitch black, I’m likely to be eaten by a grue.

Ferris wheel, cows, such reflection, much loading. Is that a tribute to “Ready Player One”?

Have to bail, laptop is getting so hot I can’t touch the keys comfortably.

Hope all the talk about “no text chat” and “VR centric” are all just hype. The lowly “mouse and keyboard” folk deserve to see this.

This was the most “virtual world” experience I’ve had here so far. I’ll be back with more CPU.

Clicking on the user names hoping for a chat did get me one, but not as I expected. I teleported to an empty room “It’s empty here” a voice said.

As things started to appear I found myself in a completely natural conversation and very VERY impressed with the body language that the HTC Vive conveys!

Turns out text chat is rare but not vanished. Disappointing for my deaf friends, however there must be a way to get ASL input in. Power Gloves? Time to hook up my Leap Motion.

Oops crashed, let’s load some scripts (I only know how to do this from last time I tried).
Hmm, no all script are unloaded… no interface. Ok so I guess I need to load… examples, users… no default?

Nice, a new avatar to try out under examples. Oh, flying is the way to move around faster, silly me.

Keyboard burning hot. Need a new machine to test further.


Nice talking to ya :slight_smile:
Yeah the method to get the leap motion working is a tad bit taxing one.
I’ll try to detail them on a later time.

You seem to be having the same issue Fran on her mac book, as the skybox and the environmental lighting clearly isnt visible for you when you were in my domain, which is a shame , because they improve the shading so much.


Welcome back. (and 20 character minimum)


Welcome back. I was looking at the list of early adopters, and wondered where you were. A lot has changed. Come to hackathon meeting tonight in world at 6PM Pacific, and you will see.


I keep coming back every 6 months. At one point, running Ubuntu, it worked. Now it doesn’t and hasn’t for a year, now that I run Debian. I hope. Ric.


Trying to spare the sob story but life events never allowed me to return to High Fidelity
I don’t want to get super philosophical about money, but you need it to participate in VR.
Surgery presents physical and financial obstacles which I hope I’ll soon be past.

However, in all that time I did NOT keep up with the forums here because I no longer had a computer that could even run the client. What I have watched are Philip’s presentations from in-world but not really with the nuts and bolts.

What I really need help on now is:

  • HTC Vive or Oculus?
  • Recommended hardware?
  • Best recent youtubes of content or training



Get a Rift for its price, It + Touch Controllers are CHEAP as of the moment due to the summer sale.
Would be insane to recommend anything else if you are just getting started into VR.

Hardware wise, if you have a PC powerful enough to run VR last year, you should be fine this year.

However If you want something extendable in the future, consider the vive, but just weight your “how much will i use it” and “how much would I use” with “how much am I willing to pay” as you may still need to upgrade your pc…


Welcome back, BluemanSteele. I remember you.