Level of Detail


I Know we can use level of detail models because the Ron models have them included.
Should we have a method to calculate the impact a model has on the domain?
I assume at some point we could be charged to bring things n world .
Is this something that’s had any thought?

Adding lods to a model increases the file size but will reduce the graphics load
I don’t think at the moment we have the option to use lods for imported static meshes.

Or are we still going down the voxilisation route for models?


As long the LOD in HiFi is better then in sl, useing 2.0 there. but still many object are created with lod setting at max. i in the creators viewer. so its looking terrible for others. unless you stay close. LOD can be a LOT of discussion :).


I keep losing mesh objects when I move away a few metres since their default tiny 0.2m cube size drops out to nothing when you back off. Something should be rendered in all cases or lots of stuff will get lost.

If I did not have access to the domain models.svo file to backup and restore it I would already have a ton of complex tiny lost meshes in my domain…

This needs attention before normal use.


@Ai_Austin I am not sure I understand. Are you referring to LOD, OR models actually never coming back when you get close?


The models are there and if you get really close they pop back into view @Chris. But the problem is they are VERY difficult to find if left at the default initial size and then if you move away from where they are placed and try to find them again. If they ALWAYS rendered at SOME level and always appeared they could be seen and rediscovered.

Since some of these meshes might be really complex it can really hit the performance of a domain if complex meshes that come in at 0.2m cube size are then “lost” but still in the domain.

But while I am on about this, a tool that lists models in a domain or something like that so you can find them, “go to” them, or delete them from the tool would be very useful for management of a domain.


I really need a tool to find some object back the got minimized by broken resize function in hifi (still need to test it) other things fot maximized by the sanme broken resize function. and my bridge. it just dissapeared, and obody knows to where.