Licensing failed. Date verification failure(1). Please contact support


Hayo, I was testing out some scripts last night when my client crashed. When I tried to log back in I am unable to and it gives me this error: “Licensing failed. Date verification failure(1). Please contact support.”


@Derezzed , are you on Windows?


Yes, and the client was running fine before that. I was testing some scripts, interface locked up for a bit, crashed, and when I tried to log back in I got that message. I tried to reinstall the client and it didn’t help.


@Derezzed I believe we introduced this when we enabled Visage on Windows in the last 24 hours. We will get a fix out.


also here is a way to disable

If you go into your Interface.ini and look for Visage = true and set it to False. It is located in a few places.

You can find Interface.ini on your Windows machine at the following locations:

/Users/[username]//Library/Application Support/Interface/


Only place I find Interface.ini is: C:\Users\Miah\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity and changing any visage=true to visage=false doesn’t resolve the issue.


I see this issue too… worked fine on FIRST run. On SECOND run of “interface.exe” I only get “Licensing failed. date verification failure (1).Please contact support.”

I am in UK time zone. Tried uninstall and reinstall, but that has no effect. Same error.


Chris… on Windows 7, the file seems to be in
C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity

I changed Interface.ini to have Visage=false in the two places it occurs, but get the same error. So I am locked out of running Interface on my home system since yesterday when the licence error started to appear.

I installed on a second system at work and was running on that second system for a while today… in and out perhaps 5 or 6 times for various tests… which just complained each time about faceshift not being licenced and disabling that after 1 minute. It did run normally otherwise though.

But after an hour or two, this machine also now states “Licensing failed. Date verification failure(1).” when I try to start Interface on Windows 7 and refuses to go further. And even with Visage = false (in 4 places this time) in the Interface.ini file it refuses to start up.


So I did a complete removal of Interface with Revo Uninstaller and Installed the most recent release. Now it doesn’t even create a log or Interface.ini when I run it. Just throws up the licensing error.


I also did an uninstall and then re-tested with today’s interface-win-595.exe and the issue is still present. No way to re-enter on the “stuck” Windows system as far as I can tell. Tried with clear AppData, and with Interface.ini already in place with all entries Visage = false. No joy.


@Be_Austin , to confirm are you also getting the error message. “Licensing failed. Date verification failure(1). Please contact support.”


Yes Chris… I am getting this on two different systems I have installed on. Both are Windows 7, one at home and one at work (University). Both worked initially after setup and stopped working after a period. On second run on home system (after an hour or so) and after about 6 runs on work system (maybe 3 hours after initial install, but on same day).

I also just tried it with latest release 601 and the problem is still there. The message pops up on launch and I can find no way to enter the interface on Windows.


I get the same error message with release 610 on Windows7. I removed completely the installation and installed new, but that does not help.


Same message here,

I ended up deleting everything manually and the High Fidelity folder from %appdata% roaming.
I got the interface.ini file from a friend and put it back in High Fidelity folder in Roaming.
The Interface.ini file i replaced, Visage=false is already set.

Downloaded the exe for windows again, installs no prob, message when I try to run it.
Licensing failed. Date verification failure(1). Please contact support

I’m on Windows 7


I created a new Windows user and installed the program (interface-win-644.exe). It worked exactly once, then comes back this error message. Each new user now gets this error message.


I just tested build 646 on a Windows 7 desktop where I was stuck getting the Licensing failed. Date verification failure(1). Please contact support" message.

I still get the same message and cannot enter the system. I uninstalled, and deleted both folders for the AppData files and reinstalled 646 again and it still gives that message.

While travelling though I used a Window 8.1 Pro on a Microsoft Surface Pro and using build 646 did not give me that error. So maybe its just something in the registry that is now in place from the time of the fault which if cleared would let those of us getting this message back in again?

Anyway, at the moment, the error and block to entry is still here for me on my main computers.


@Be_Austin thanks for letting us know.


I’ve gone in and manually removed the Visage Technologies registry entry before reinstalling each new client and I’ve gotten the error no matter what, so if it’s a registry issue it’s coming from some other part of the system.


Just to note that my original Interface build install was for Build 587 and all since have not cured the problem of not being able to run the interface program since then.

I do believe though that new versions do not INTRODUCE the problem, and may not be problematic. So its something these earlier released did that needs to be reversed, or we are stuck on those systems we used early versions on for Windows users. I hope the High Fidelity developers can identify the issue and tell us all how to fix it to let our locked out systems run again.

I have installed the latest build 646 on a new desktop that has not had another earlier Interface build on it for tests and to check that the problem is still not being introduced. I will report here within 24 hours as the problem usually arose the same day.


Reporting back, and after 24 hours the build 646 installed on a Window 8l1 pro box is still launching fine. So I suspect that recent builds do not introduce the error, but also do not fix the error if it is present.

I went back and tried the two Windows 7 systems I am locked out from using and they still throw the" Licensing failed. Date verification failure(1). Please contact support" error. This appears straight after the Interface console says a single line

Creating buckyballs…

I note that C:\Users…\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Interface\Logs has no log file written since this bug first appeared, so it appears very early on in the Interface program launch and before any log line is written. Indeed it seems the AppData folders are not even created at the stage of the error as they are not recreated by that time after they have been deleted.

It is really a pain now, can we get feedback on what is throwing this message on Windows (7 at least) when build 587 was installed… @Chris mentioned that some aspects of Visage or Faceshift were set at that time so that may be a cause, but manually uninstalling, changing the .ini file to turn Visage and Faceshift manually to false has no effect, and various people have tried registry changes. All to no effect.

One observation is that I spotted the Windows Registry had in it some keys for Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Visage Technologies so I tried completely deleting that set of keys. And then rebooted Windows just to be sure. And indeed I note that when I next run the Interface (build 655 now) it recreates the keys for Visage Technologies even though it gives the license error message and does not do much else. So this leads me to suspect that the problem is with Visage.

I don’t assume its anything to do with Windows 7 and 8.1 differing, and that all this is down to some corruption that has occurred due to use of an earlier (587) build on the original machines I am locked out of, but I checked on a couple of things to see if the two systems differed.

  1. I checked the values that are actually written into the registry and
    they are identical keys and license numbers on a failing Windows 7
    system to a working Windows 8.1 system.
  2. The clocks are identical (to the second) and the same time zone is
    in use on both Windows 7 (failing) and Windows 8.1 (working) systems