Light Entities acting strangely


I have several types of light entities on my domain, some are fixed, some are spotlight, some are rotating spotlights.

Lately (the last couple of weeks) the rotating lights have all stopped, and gone out, the entity appears on the list but the light isnt working, all the lights I had set to spot are all blacked out now, and the only light working is one that is not spot and not rotating. None of the light entities are rotating (but the regular entities rotate perfectly)

A typical instance of the bug is thus:
I create a light entity,
I set it to spot (doesnt change to spot)
I set it to some angular rot with zero angular damp, the entity doesnt rotate
BUT the bounding box looks like it is rotating.

I know a round floodlight will not appear to rotate because its round, but I have stretched to an ellipse and this should be noticeable in rotation, its not rotating. Yet regular entities are rotating.

Also noticed (see pic) the Edit properties box shows “Is Spot Light” true
but the Tools/Entity Properties window shows “Spotlight” unchecked.

The 2 different properties windows show conflicting entries sometimes.


Rotating lights have returned, my existing rotating spotlights are working now but new lights created dont seem to work right, wont change to spot and wont rotate.

So original ones now work, new ones dont.