Light Entity For High Intensity


I recommend a NEW Entity!

Physical Light Entity…

So, there will be 2 lights, Type 1 for Rendering (currently existing) and Type 2 for what is explained below.

But the problem I’m having is trying to create threshold lights for use at a runway on my domain.

Consider the following:

Light Entity objects cannot be “seen” in the traditional sense of the word. They can only be viewed or observed by the light they emit that bounces back. Ok, no problem with my understanding there. So I rotated my threshold lights (the discs) so there would be some green light to bounce at my inbound pilots. These lights act as navigation aids, and should be clear and visible (according to research) across the domain.

This doesn’t work. I understand certain shortcuts need to happen to increase rendering times et cetera so I’m more interested in ways to get what I want.

As can be seen, a green particle effect was also added. This particle effect can be seen over 5km away whereas the lights disappear from my view when I reach the beginning section of the runway. Clearly, this is unacceptable for what I’m trying to accomplish. :smiley:

I’d really be interested in having 2 types of Light Entities as mentioned. 1 for quick and dirty lighting solutions, and a second type that behaves like a legit physical light. If some sort of hack or full embrace of the new entity type cannot be met; I would likely abandon certain scenarios for my domain. High Fidelity future flight school thanks you in advance. :smiley:

For you additional information:
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Rather than using lights at all, I might try using emmisive textures on the lights or a combination of both. This would probably save rendering resources and might result in something more like what you want.

I have not tried it, so maybe it will work, maybe not, just an idea.

What I really want is 64bit color.


Like @Twa_Hinkle Mentioned

Using pure light entities is a very expensive operation when you have many of them. There also is the culling effect which happens at specific distances, as there are limits to the amount of active light sources you can have in OpenGL: All Light sources in High Fidelity are active light sources.

Instead use Emissive textures on both the lights and the runway to give the illusion of light, as you can use it to create various effects, like embers on a torch. Then add light sources to create the ambiance for generalization for when someone is at the scene.

You can also then flick these emissive textures on and off via script, so that it creates the illusion of turned on / off / animation. Additionally making the light models large enough (especially if you just make them parallel across the runway) allows for them to be seen further away, as they wont get so quickly culled by the engine.


I’ll try working with the emissive maps more closely. I must have it incorrectly configured in Blender. It is a bi-directional light using green and red, and I probably messed up somewhere. Also, did not know we could now change textures of Entities on-the-fly. Today should be a fun day. :blush:


Bummer… Emit maps applied in blender. The effect is “better” but still not going to work. :frowning:

You can see the old lights shown above the particles and the new lights with emit maps on the bottom.

I might have better luck with a custom shader I write inside an entity. :smiley:

Test 3: Make the whole damn thing emit light. XD

It’s not ideal, but it’s about as good as I can get for now. The only other option is to make them larger than life-sized, but at this point, they’re already super-big. :smiley: If you click on the photo of final approach, you can juuuuuuuust barely make out the pixels of light. I might increase the size for effect, but in the back of my mind I’ll always know it’s “wrong”. meh…


I think we’ll be able to improve the lighting effects quite quite a bit once we restore glow functionality to the pipeline. Emissive surfaces and brightly light surfaces should create some amount of light ‘spill’, which currently doesn’t happen at all in our rendering pipeline. It’s on the roadmap, just not done yet.


Ok, first of all; THAT’S GREAT NEWS! :slight_smile:

Additional note to request current light entity has the ability to be “never culled” at distance. I know LOD folks will scream about it, but the truth is, I have currently no possible way to emulate this effect at all. Not even close. I scaled a spot light to over 200m with unrealistic intensity, etc… and not only did it look wrong, it didn’t really work either.

So, kinda glad this could help. If possible, keep this specific use case in mind when the new work on the pipeline begins.