Light Spasms ? ? ??


What is this light spasm thing? It’s exhausting…

Digital Ocean Spaces are also not reliable for the record, see attached (two days of that error message now). Maybe the spasms are a Digital Ocean thing too?

Merry Christmas!!!


That looks like an issue with the rendering on Mac / OSX than a server issue.
Probably something they should look into once they get a chance. what Mac and OSX are in use and the does it have a discrete graphics card?

Have you checked the developer stats on to check if you are having frame stuttering, or entity server disconnection? You can find this under the Developer menu, that you can enable via Settings > Developer Menu and Settings > Advanced Menu.


iMac Pro w/ Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics processor (16GB of HBM2 memory)


Yeah sounds like a bug regarding the renderer and the radeon chip.there haven’t been many amd gpu and osx users here so graphics bug are present.

That’s definitely a bug, but not related to the servers.


Hahaha I kid I kid, that’s a ridiculous computer. Hilarious that I could spend five grand on a Mac and still have issues though. So the only safe bet is Windows with Nvidia?


Currently yes, most of the time issues stand from the fact that nvidia is currently the -go-to- gpu for gaming and amd gpus has been suffering as of late in performance vs it. (which is unfortunate, because competition is needed)…

Generally however, its a good idea to keep this and keep using it, as this is an issue they should look into once they have the time.