Lighthouse tripod


Moving to a new house.
So thinking about kepeing the htc vive lighthouses mobile. So i can cover seated and standing games just by moving the lighthouses. Afraid the not going to cover reliable the whole room. And the pc is outside the playzone. I get at least a bit more playroom now.

Now i know @highfidelity That the use for demostrations light tripods. The are high enough and not to expensieve. But with is the footprint when deployed for the 3 legs ?

Looking for option with a small floor space usage.
Ceiling Support Contractor Pole as option.
Other idea’s welcome.


I use these:


Do you know how much Floorspace one stand need ?
The have a special HTC vive / Oculus rift one to.


The legs are adjustable so it depends how much stsbikity you need between 1.5 to 2.5 Sq feet.