Lighting and Shadows


I have been working on content for my domain for the last 3 years now and appreciate all the progress High Fidelity and the community have made.

I’m hoping to upload my content soon, but one of the areas I feel needs huge improvement is lighting and shadows. This is where my work is let down as I’m not able to reach the aesthetic values I desire.

This will improve over time, but does anyone have thoughts on when they think the quality of lighting will reach the game engines of today?


Any images of what u have so far?

Hi Judas,

The way I am building my environment is through creating many small architectural details using instances. You can have an idea of what I’m doing here

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Looks good .The inworld lighting lives an dies on the use of the zone and the use of enviromental maps.used right it can look great.once u get something in world shout me ill get u started

Awesome, will do. I see on your profile your based in Manchester, I’m from Altrincham. It’s a small world!

ooh foreign parts lol