Lights seem to not work version 4319


Since the new shaders were introduced (which look good) the lights arent working.


I think the old lights went broken when the light change was introduced (before the PBS update). It was discussed in the Weekly on monday .Try rezing new lights and seeing if they behave the same as the old ones.


Lights do work. I found it was easier to just delete the old ones (maybe copy the position and rotation first). This got changed last week, but at least for me, the new lights seem better.

One thing I’d like to have which maybe can be done already, but I haven’t found out how, is to be able to make the spotlight edges fall off less than an abrupt hard light on / light off edge. In other words to be able to specify feathering of the light transitions.


Great, not surprising. Do you know how many lights I have to replace?
Any idea how long it took me to set each one up with the right size, intensity, direction of spots?

aaaaaaand just when I was about to tell @Judas it could be worse…


Wait till you start dealing with the PBR stuff. Today I went through 24 versions of changing model, uploading to S3 and bringing into HiFi.

It finally worked but it makes me think of all of the stuff I’ve seen written about tech and any other progressing field, about being first is not always the best time to be spending effort etc.

But then again… here I am


Hi @Adrian ,

have a look at the setting falloff radius and increase it.



Thanks @chris thats going to save me a lot of time. :slight_smile: