Limited time offer: let me re-write your marketplace description


Marketplace contributors:

We are going into open Alpha very soon and I’m going through all High Fidelity uploaded content to make sure descriptions are rich and interesting. Do you have an item that you uploaded that needs a better description?

Let me know what the item is and I’ll happily improve it.


I’m really uncertain: Is this a big extended April fool or are you really going to open the Alpha up? :stuck_out_tongue:


Told my team to brace for a big incoming so we’ve been working at turbo pace all day, coordinating installations and setting up of servers, sorting out compilers, etc etc etc from the announcement made last night at the meeting.

Then realised this might be an April Fools, and no words could be found to express that emotion. Well played.

Edit (See Below): Well… Lol.



It did spin a few times short in my mind around with 1 april. But it’s to logic. Because more people means more development and develop power. And that means things can get developed faster.

And for the devs, that means more problems … :wink:

Thanks for the blog @b


As exciting as this is, it would have been a bit nice to receive a bit more of a heads up… Especially for those who have servers that are going to become a chokepoint for the influx of explorers lol.


Perhaps this is a good time to remove the avatar descriptions. They are unnecessary and as they exist, are stunningly sexist, racist, and offensive. As HF is open to a wider group of users, this could be a PR issue. The descriptions are also rife with errors. The easiest fix is to remove them.

Here are some of the more blatant examples:

  • Racial stereotypes: Asian male is “cunning”, black male “has flavor”

  • Language used to describe female avatars: “organic, farm-raised”, “mother of five, still ready to bear more”

There are typos and grammatical error as well as factual ones: the black female avatar’s description begins with “Lupita means lovely in the language we know.” Lupita is a diminutive form of Guadalupe, which does not mean lovely.

There are many more subtle (ok, not really subtle at all) examples in the type of language used to describe the male and female avatars.

With this in open alpha now, can they simply be removed? Is there a compelling reason why HF is giving backstories for the avatars anyway, when they are supposed to represent people and not characters for us to play?