Limitless API Not working


Trying to get the the first part of limitless when you create a cube and speak. It does not do anything, no error, no response. It just says listing, when I walk in the cube, and

Limitless Speech not working

Hi there,
Trying to get the Limitless part 1 going where you create a cube and speak. It seems to do nothing.
I never receive a transcription. The mic is set, I see a signal. I followed the tutorial.

(function () {

var textID = "{13a1be7d-6f17-431c-a99c-4cd6df76d476}";
//var newText = { "text": "hello" };
//Entities.editEntity(textID, newText);

this.enterEntity = function (entityID) {
    print("Begin listening to voice");

this.leaveEntity = function (entityID) {
    print("Stop listening to voice");

LimitlessSpeechRecognition.onReceivedTranscription.connect(function (speech) {
    print("Received transcription:" + JSON.stringify(speech));
    var newText = { "text": JSON.stringify(speech) };
    Entities.editEntity(textID, "hello");
LimitlessSpeechRecognition.onFinishedSpeaking.connect(function (speech) {
    //print("Finished Speaking");


Any ideas?


Found the problem. It needs a KEY!


How do I obtain a permanent key?