Linux build problem with vcpkg


I am trying to compile HIFI on Linuc mint 19.1, and I keep getting this error:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:30 (message):
vcpkg configuration missing.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it.
I am not some Linux guru, if you tell me a command I need to know in what folder to run it and whatnot.

Thank you!


Hey there – could you email this information to We’d like to help remedy this.


The support doesn’t seem to agree with this:

JN (High Fidelity)

Feb 14, 09:45 PST


While we make High Fidelity available for Linux, we unfortunately do not have in-depth troubleshooting capability for it at this time. Our build doc is here:, and it is possible that someone may have further advice for you on the High Fidelity forum at Sorry about that.

Best wishes,
High Fidelity Support


I’ve got the same problem did you find a solution?

I’ve been using this as a guide: Building Interface in 18.04

I’ll see if this can get me out of the hole I’m in.


I did find this:

I am not sure I dare install it though, especially since I can’t be sure it will work. Why should I have to trust a Microsoft made cross platform package manager? I wish they were a bit more discerning in choosing the tools they use.


Another possible solution is if you can change how long your system saves temp files somewhere. The issue seems to be that the process creates a temp file at configure that the system removes when the configure process is finished.

It might be that configure cleans up after itself too. And the issue stems from there.