Linux package for Debian 18.04



I’ve followed the Linux cheat sheet successfully. It’s specifying Ubuntu 16.04 … and it works.

I’m wondering if there is a repository with builds and Debian packages that work with Ubuntu 18.04



I’m honestly not sure. I think they’re sticking to 16.04, despite all the extra build steps, but both 18.04 and 16.04 require deviation from traditional build steps anyway.


I think the way is not easy for normal users, the how to in the doc had bad text formated. So that the command in the console make a error.

So pls make a deb package for the normal users and so geht more users can use hifi under linux ;D


The deb package I think works in 18.04. I’ll run a test tonight since compiling Hifi just takes 10 minutes for me, so I can run a deb package check.


Ok, but I have problem with the Port 40100, see in my post ;D

I comes in the sandbox with the tutorial, but I have no content.