List of users in a domain?


Any way to get a list of users currently in your domain? won’t work because users can hide their location. There has to be some way to list them other than that.


if they are in your domain, they should show up in the domain Node list.

Alternatively, an Assignment client could be made for it, but its a bit lacking in documentation


I need it for script, not just informational purposes. I am just going to modify my fork of assignment client to emit an event for it. That way I can just run a AC script to keep a list of users.


There are many script accessible interfaces missing. I cannot determine if this deficiency is lack of documentation or simply that no one has given thought to what is needed. Some transparency from development would be useful right now.


Changes are here, if anybody cares.


How can you access the “domain node list” from script?


@Menithal? Any ideas? Would be a big help!



As far as I know the other nodes aren’t accessible from script. I may be wrong.


Hrm. So, what’s the best way (if any) to get a list of avatars that are currently in your domain?


Use a AC script that accesses the functions listed in the link I provided. You can keep a list of users that way.


Oh, excellent. Sorry I didn’t even see that GIANT LINK for some reason. I’ll try it out!
Appreciate it!


If you want their username you will have to change libraries/avatars/src/AvatarHashMap.cpp and add avatar->getDisplayName() to the emit.