Listing wearables on marketplace is TOO HARD


I’ve now listed two wearables on the marketplace. For the first one, I used the documentation as a guide and created one manually with a .json in a text editor. The process seemed unnecessarily convoluted (and one of the script URLs in the article is even a dead link), so for my next one, I decided to try using the packaging app that the documentation mentions. Supposedly, this is supposed to automate all the steps I had to do for the first wearable.

Wrong. After submitting the item, I received an email from HiFi telling me I still needed to edit the json and change things in it manually. Okay, what exactly had been the point of using the wearable packaging app then?

So I made the changes manually and resubmitted. It finally gets listed, but I notice later in the evening that it was listed as FREE. I’m 100% certain I had set it to 100 HFC. What’s up with that? Why was the price reset?

To make matters worse, this now-listed wearable is refusing to attach to the position I had set. With the default avatar, the hat incorrectly spawns near the neck, not on top of the head like I had set it to. I can’t go in and fix that because we can’t edit already-listed items yet. What is the ETA on that? For now, people can just adjust the position themselves in the Wear app, but I would rather not inconvenience my customers if possible.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to get a working hat into the market. The moment you require someone to open up a text editor and type in code, you’ve officially exited user-friendly territory. It’s not acceptable to the average user. If you want lots of wearable makers to sell here, this process needs to be MUCH easier. Either upgrade that packaging app so it actually does take care of everything necessary (and add a textbox in it so we can specify position coordinates), OR let us specify the position coordinates of the wearable in a convenient text box right in the marketplace Edit page for the item. Let us also specify the bone name on the Edit page too. Have the marketplace automatically generate the JSON based on that data, completely behind-the-scenes without us having to worry about it. If someone wants to make the JSON manually, they should be able to as well of course.

Anyway, for those who are still looking to sell wearables themselves, a tip from me - don’t bother with that packaging app. Do it manually like the documentation outlines. The manual way can seem daunting, but it does at least work.


I have also some concerns about the marketplace, but I have stoped to talke about that, cause my last posts here were all ignored. I’ve uploaded my stuff in Dezember, and still see same or similar problems on other peoples stuff they’ve uploaded month later. For example @DrFran table can’t be bought. My brick hall was blocked for month with the same error message, and when they ‘fixed’ it, the windows lost transparency completly (I wonder who already checked this stuff and give out the PoP license when it’s clear the items are broken. Other items was set to ‘FREE’, even they had a price when I upload them. Anyway, it seems, to feed the marketplace is more an adventure.


I’m looking into this right now, @theanine, thank you for bringing this to our attention


I’m sorry about that… yeah it does indeed appear we have been having some problems with the Marketplace Wearable packaging tool. I’m going to talk with the folks who authored it to make sure it works properly in the future. In the meantime, we kindly ask you to avoid the packaging tool and instead work with the process described here under “Exporting for Marketplace”:

@Theanine - I didn’t see your item listed as free… it was shown to me as 100 HFC when I just checked it this morning. I’m not sure why that was shown as free to you. I’ll look into this. In the meantime I’m going to take down the fedora until we get it to a state where you are fully satisfied with it.

@Skimi - Sorry about the issues with your previous submissions. We did have a lot of blockchain related complications that took some time to sort out.

My sincere apologies for the difficulties, and we appreciate your effort to work with it until it is improved and battle tested.



Shucks, looks like the issue with Fran’s table was a new bug, the certificate system failing with filenames who had illegal characters in the name (like spaces and brackets). It worked great when we tested the content, but it looks like this broke something at the point of purchase. Our engineers will change this to encode filenames before certifying.


Hi Caitlyn thanks for looking into this. The fedora was in fact listed as free, but as soon as I noticed it I went to the edit page and fixed the price to the correct one. So by the time you saw this post the price was already correct again. Fortunately the price is one of the few things we CAN change after the item is already published. :sunglasses:


Please simplify this, pleeeeeeze.
I really think a simple solution would increase sign ups tenfold.


I agree! I’ve proposed a re-design which should make it go a lot easier. Here’s what I was thinking:

  1. Select the entity
  2. Check if entity model and animation files are hosted on Marketplace. If not, pop up a message.
  3. Choose the joint from dropdown menu as it currently does.
  4. It snaps the entity to that joint automatically and records the start position
  5. User moves the entity to the correct spot relative to the avatar (eg atop the head on woody)
  6. User presses “Output” button
  7. Tool produces a JSON with correct metadata, referencing the Marketplace paths and offset calculated by difference of #4 and #5, and set lifetime = -1
  8. Marketplace submitter uploads that JSON to the marketplace & sends for review


I would like a way to test things out in the sandbox first. Seems like they can only be added to the market.