Load a tablet app script when enter on a domain


I’ve found a way to automatically load a tablet app script when an user enter on a domain
. (thank you HumbleTim & Aitolda !!!)

1.Create a big hidden collision-less box that overlaps the position where the avatars enter on the domain.
2. Create a script like this:


    var TabletItem = function(){


   TabletItem.prototype = {

        preload: function(entityID) {

    return new Tablettem();


where tabletscript.js is your tablet script.

  1. Save the script as loadtabletapp.js, and host it in the same folder with your tabletscript.js on an accessible web location (ex: http://example.com)
  2. Put the script location in Script URL of the previously created box (ex: http://example.com/loadtabletapp.js)

When an user enter in your domain will enter on the box and execute the loadtabletapp.js which will launch the tablet app script.

Happy coding!



Yep, that works. You can also directly link the tablet app itself as an entity script. That’s how the support app works in Help.


And that does not work if you did upload the script to your domain ?