Load defaultscripts, not loading MY defaults!


Thing there’s a bug in that section, i have this setup. with in that directory a modified defaultscript. sadly “reload default scripts” is not reading the directory that is showing abovce. but really load the default scripts with all the things you not want, like away.,js and all the handconbtroller things.

I expect that load default scripts is using the directory you point to. This is btw in my defaultscript. that i try to load.

Another problem for now is that it’s not loading scripts. possible high fidelity not like filepath in the script to point to the existing scripts. this need to be more easy in someway.

Script.load("h:\Program Files\High Fidelity\scripts\progress.js");
Script.load("h:\Program Files\High Fidelity\scripts\edit.js");
Script.load("h:\Program Files\High Fidelity\scripts\examples.js");
Script.load("h:\Program Files\High Fidelity\scripts\selectAudioDevice.js");
Script.load("h:\Program Files\High Fidelity\scripts\notifications.js");
Script.load("h:\Program Files\High Fidelity\scripts\dialTone.js");
Script.load("h:\Program Files\High Fidelity\scripts\depthReticle.js");

No error, but no scripts too. Now i know why i always ignore chris talk about you can customize it yourself. It never worked.

ADD: For now it works only if i do add a custom defaultscript in the high fidelity script directory. Not a place i wanted to put custom scripts. Because with uninstall the dissapear. (if you not made a backup) Mabye there’s some undocumented strange logic between the running scripts directory and default scripts and what i expect. btw why can we not set the default script file ?

My expection is , also because the defaultscipts.js that you set in the settings a script that contain paths to the other scripts.