Loading an Interface script automatically when someone visits a domain


So, I made an Interface script – a simple overlay with a few buttons that can be clicked, but don’t do anything at the moment. How can I have this Interface script load automatically for each visitor that visits my domain? I suppose I need an Assignment Client script with the following logic:

If an avatar enters this domain, then upload and run script A into his/her Interface client.

But how to do this? I don’t know where to start.


I do this at hifi://open

Please visit there and if it basically fulfills your requirement, I’ll explain it.


I think it’s better here will.i.am, so others can benefit too. Also, i’m not set up for voice – not sure how we could communicate.


Not what I meant. I mean, I think that my UI_on_tp is what you need. I’ll go with my initial assumption. Here’s what you do:

I place the self executing JS inside of a Zone that envelopes what I want. If a user is inside the Zone (expected) it will auto-run for them as an Entity Script. Problem is, this method will work for the ENTIRE DOMAIN. Not just zone.

I was just wanting you to confirm that my script behaves as you intend prior to me writing that out. But there ya go, that should work. Others may chime in with different techniques. Certainly valid (probably) :slight_smile:

( function() {    

//your stuff...



Sorry, I misread your post (I missed the “if”). Yeah, that’s exactly what I want. When a user visits the domain, a HUD appears; and when he or she leaves, the HUD disappears. Your zone script seems to do exactly that.

I would have to try this myself too. It’s an interesting idea. And if others have some other way of doing this, I’d be interested in hearing them too.


Cool. I’m a 9 to 5’er on the Eastern time zone, so I can’t deep-dive right now, but if you have your script auto-exec and you follow those instructions placing it in a zone, you should be good to go. Let us know how it turns out.

In the words of famous @chris,

‘Good Luck’



Yes, I already tried and it worked perfectly. Thanks again :slight_smile: