Local chat HMD display updated


I’ve updated my local chat script to display in a movable, resizable window on the HUD overlay when in HMD mode:


In desktop mode, the chat is still displayed in a window that can be dragged outside the Interface window.


Now high fidelity need to make only the ui better accesable in hmd mode with hand controllers. it’s very hsrd to get the mouse pointer visible or on the correct place.

Would be nice if we can use the trigger beam to click on ui elements, trick also because you click inworld to.


Its coming. That’s exactly what we’re working on right now.


omg thank you, that’s a remarkable improvement. Have you considered making a radar script? I’d love to be able to know where folks are when they drop in.


Now this is a way to do it properly nicely done @ctrlaltdavid Seems like you might be ill to use text-to-speech that is that right with the HMD display ?