Local chat updated to use Messages object


I’ve updated my local chat script to use the JavaScript Messages object for communications instead of an external Web application.

  • Messages are sent and received on a channel named “chat”.
  • The menu item is View > Local Chat…, or press the “” key to display the chat window.
  • Users’ display names are associated with their messages (“anonymous” is displayed if no display name is available).
  • As before, chat windows are displayed in both desktop and HMD views.

You can load the script from the Marketplace or from: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/downloads/hifi/scripts/chat.js

Further details: http://ctrlaltstudio.dev/hifi/chat


Okay, I think I’ve got the current version of your script installed, and I can send a “Testing 1 2 3” comment to localchat in Sandbox… but when I then relog, the comment is gone from the chat window. Is that normal? oO


@Nathan_Adored Yes, that’s expected … there is no server to maintain a chat history from the last N minutes, so each time you log in or each new domain you visit you get only new messages.