Localhost-Sandbox issue when not connected


I found an interesting behaviour of the localhost, which I’ll try to explain as better as I can and using the right terminology.

So, when I first started my laptop (or when I restart, I can replicate each time this issue), I opened the interface and go to my localhost without having internet connection (I was offline). The sandbox was running (because it starts each time I boot windows), but what I displayed was no content and no edit permission.

The weird thing is that even if the sandbox is running, in the stats there are 0 servers.

So, I closed the interface, I connected to internet (I was online) and I reopened the interface (the sandbox was still running, but even if I quit and restart it’s the same), so content loaded I had edit permission on my localhost. In addition, servers displayed in the stats were 5.

So after, I closed again the interface, I disconnected from internet (I was offline again) and I reopened the interface to enter my localhost (the sandbox was always running during this test). The content loaded, but I had no edit permission and server displayed were 5.

In conclusion, I’m pretty sure on my localhost I can be able to display any content and edit anything, no matter from internet connection (offline or online). Can you please help me to sort this out?




The localhost should have permissions even if you are not connected to the net. There should be a connection group “localhost” which should be used when connected.

Basically when you have 0 servers, it simply means you are not connected anywhere.

This might have been something missed during tests as everyone normally is connected to the net when doing the tests :). should probably CC a dev to test this further. CC: @Caitlyn should pass forward to the right dev on this.


Thanks for your support @Menithal ! @Caitlyn thanks for having a look at this.