Location Directory


We just pushed a new location directory. The directory now only shows locations that have associated images.

I’ve also made changes to interface so that the “Name this Location” and “My Locations…” dialogs actually use the same interface as the web. While creating a new location or editing an existing one, you can upload a snapshot from your machine to be the image for that location.

You can also now add a description to your location that will show up in the directory.


Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but how do I register a domain name?

  • davedub


@daveDub, goto https://data.highfidelity.io/directory Login with your account (top right) then choice My Domains , there you can crerate your domain.


I see the directory has its own button now my thoughts are
I would like the image to click through to the location
I would like the Image to be self gathering so it reflects the view you see on entering the location.
I want the order of the locations to be decided using some kind of combat system rather than alphabetical or by ranking on amount the developers are payed.


I would like the order of the locations to be based on the mean avatar stay time. If that’s too harsh then the average avatar stay time will suffice.

Thinks fondly of the camping days to boost traffic rankings.


Agrees if that doesn’t mean we have a world of bots like over in sl


All those black and white graphical images point to an empty domain.


hmmm, my Domain is not more listed.