Location for the first HiFi Meetup?


The Void

Looks pretty scary to me.


Cool! Let’s go!


let’s give it a spin lol


OMG yes! I’ll skip the horror sim, probably give ptsd or something. But the rest looks awesome.


Ha. Using reality as as bounding boxes for a meshed VR. What a concept. A step to bridge the gap between OR and Hololens?


The HMD looks pretty awesome (see under “The Tech” section of http://www.thevoid.com/). A step above the DK2 and undoubtedly more expensive, but demonstrating again there’s a lot of innovation happening.


I have my concerns about this kind integration. One bad accident and the press will be all over it. I am however in favor of the ‘roller coaster’ type of experience. This would eliminate a lot of human error.

Also, if you need to walk about, consider doing it in a stationary treadmill…