Locations and their Management


The edit capability on domain location names and their position/rotation in both the http://data.highfidelity.io web and the Interface “My Locations” tool is welcome. But a LOT of locations can appear in the directory as anyone can create such a location name and it be indexed on the web directory.

I see some temporary or even mistyped entries appearing and the domain owner not being able to clear them up, or change them to moved object/build locations as they are not owned by the avatar that created them,

I have for example

  • Vue

not created by me and hence there forever unless someone can tidy up. Can I suggest a way for a DOMAIN owner to delete such entries? Or else stop non-domain owner locations appearing in the directory?

If any Vue visitor owns these names in their own “My Locations”, please deleted it just to keep things tidy during the alpha stage. Thanks.

ALSO… as I have suggested before, I think it would be really useful in the My Locations tool to allow for “Go” as an extra button for every location, to add to the 3dit and delete buttons there now.