Lock a group of entities at once


I just try to lock my mini golf parts. so i select all entities in the entity list. But i cannot lock them all at once. So now i need to click them one by once, change tab , lokc it , change tab again and start over.

Option to lokc a group of selected entities would be nice.
Also option to lock and unlock in the entities list would be more easy then switching tab every time.


Locking, or toggling the visibillity of, a group of entities is no problem when using edit.js


Strange, i tried it. and it failed.

Trying again on other domain.
Rezz a few cubes and sphere. name it 1 to 4
Selecting them in the entities list.

Going to entities properties tab. And it’s still not possible to lock them.

Beta 20 , build 5353


You can lock them from the entity list.


Ohh, going to check that asap. That’s what you get with only icons and no text. i never noticed that icon, as lock.