Lock all objects on a domain at once


oh god I’m a coder all worship me now

I wanted to lock all my objects in my domain at once
and @thoys was asleep and @Piper.Peppercorn was angry
so I opened the models.json and had a look in it
the locked items had
"locked": 1, in front of them
so I thought maybe I can put that in
but I has a loada models
so I thought how can i change em all at once
So I thought wonders if find and replace might do it

the line after the existing locks was like “modelURL"
so i thought if i find all them and replace em with
"locked”: 1,“modelURL”

what can possibly go wrong
so I did that it meant some of the entries have like 2 locks but I figured ill see wot happens
and it bleeding worked
so now I’m like the king coder an stuff
so I no longer need any of you
and i shall finish hifi myself
post bugs and stuff here and i shall get right on it


Just Desserts for a job well done


For help with JSON.