LOD Adjust Off Hack


This is a partial, interim work-around to the recurring problem of LOD being adjusted down to 0.000 and never recovering.


You’ll need to restart Interface for it to take effect.

It stops the LOD being automatically reduced. But it doesn’t prevent the FPS from being reduced and never recovering. And if you subsequently open Developer > Render > LOD Tools automatic adjustment resumes, even if you don’t make any changes in the dialog.


NOTE: More changes will be coming to LOD today.

The scripting interface to disable auto-LOD is actually a mistake, that wasn’t supposed to be exposed. We’ll keep it in for now, but as David points out the system will reset that value on you on a whim… so it’s not the best way to disable the LOD logic.

But for the record… if you really want to disable LOD changes the “official” way to do that is to use the automatic LOD in your favor… Tell the system you don’t care about FPS at all… Do that by going into your preferences “Level of Detail Tuning” section and set your “Minimum Desktop FPS” and “Minimum HMD FPS” to 0… this way, even if automatic LOD tuning is on, you won’t have any LOD decrease.


Thanks. I’ve updated the script to alert users to this better way to turn LOD adjustment off.


Should the lod tools work kinda like draw distance? i was messing with them to try to speed up my frame rate, and i was still seeing for miles