LOD Issues - view flickering in and out


I have had trouble with objects appearing and disappearing on my screen since I first started in High Fidelity. Mostly I assumed this was just because it was in alpha - but I am getting the feeling that most people are having a smooth, consistent view when they are in world.

For me, I will see a scene that has items disappearing, often things in the distance first, but I will eventually be left in a starfield - all items gone. Then after some time things will blink back on for a bit and then disappear again. It is hard to do a lot like this, but I keep soldiering on.

The last few days I have been playing with the LOD tool and it seems this may be my problem. I notice that when i am left with nothing but a star field view that if i use the LOD tool - selecting manual - and dragging all the way to the right with the slider that suddenly everything (I assume) reappears. This is great, except that as soon as I close the tool window, even if I had left the manual option selected, my LOD will eventually be returned to some fraction above zero - like 0.008. No matter what i do, it keeps reverting the world continues appearing and disappearing by degrees.

I’m nowhere near throwing in the towel, but it sure does make my experience frustrating. Especially as I am realizing that most people do not seem to suffer this.

Is there a way to force the LOD setting to be constant? Is this even my problem, or is this just a symptom I am noticing?

I am using my laptop to run Interface and have a dedicated graphics adapter - an AMD Radeon HD8970M. As far as I know this should be enough to run Interface with a high LOD.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Yes you can, but let’s first explain why it happens:
the viewer always tries to keep your fps consistant, it very, very aggressive keeping to it ( last I checked it tries to keep fps at 40 if not using an HMD)
and especially since no optimisation has yet been done.
You can set this fps bounds from the preferences and set it to 25 or to even 15. This way the tolerance is low.

Laptop discrete graphics are known to some issues with Drivers, but your card should be able to handle it:
There is a couple of ways to try to increase address this: is first you can turn off v-sync; this is found under developer and graphics. I found this can double the frames.

If all else fails you can try definitely setting the lod through the developer>graphics menu.


The same with my mac. And I have played around with this values without some effort. When I go to earth, I see all. But on my localhost all things disappear again and again. So I think, that this is also connected with the StackManager and not only with the Interface.


I have a good graphics card GF670, It’s not the latest model. but in meetings avatars started to dissapear. so i have set lowest FPS down to 15fps. and hope someday HiFy can give 30 fps without removing everybody.

And i love 30fps, but it’s hard to keep that number. mabey for high fidelity the cpu get a bit old Intel I5-2500 (without K)


@Richardus.Raymaker You have tried turning off vsync right?

Anyway this is where content optimisation comes into play. The fact is once there is about 10-20 avatars on the scene, there is a lot of polygons, textures being rendered. At an range of 10-20k polygons per person and 1 to 3 x 3 to 5 512 px textures without any LOD levels, can quickly result into a lot of stuff having to be handled by the graphics card. Sure modern gaming graphics cards can handle this amount of polygons with some ease by them selves; but the complexitivity of the shaders and lighting will quickly multiply exponentially the difficulty of this task. Bottle necks can also come from myriad of issues, such as bandwidth between the motherboard, cpu, memory and gpu.

HiFi should make it actually default that more graphically expensive avatars must have lower quality models if requested, and if they cant provide are decimated using algorithms until they made to cardboard as of the moment these sort of decimation is not generated, so all currently avatars are showing either at full, or within their set LOD levels or cardboard, or not at all.

This procedural decimation should encourage the content creators to actually make more optimised models with various LOD levels to keep control of the quality of the content they produce, but would still allow lazy creators not to have to create all of 4 LOD levels manually…


No, Vsync where enabled, i have turned that off now. So we can see if there’s difference.

Still LOD is to agressive on avatars, it happens enough times that the dissapeared complete. lucky if the did have a nametag otherwise you would not know somebody is there.

This also brings another problem in the light. how can we know avatars are around us if the are invisible or wearing a complete alpha body ? users online is not a good indication.
I think this is a point to think about too.


Good point: we currently cannot determine if anyone is actually around, unless they make them selves visibile:
As of the moment only way to how to check if anyone is near is actually to check the logs as the user chooses to appear. There should however always be a way to check this.


The adjustments seem to have a bit of a positive feedback, cycling from total removal of the scene to full rendering. This is the stars-only flicker effect. The only thing I found that stops that zero to max slamming is to set the minimum desktop FPS to 0. This is on a 460M graphics chip. Seems to me like this is a bug.


If I come in hf in my localhost, I see all. After some time all becomes black and I see only my avatar. If I open the LOD window, the value is 0. I set the LOD and see all. But if I close the window, it goes back to 0. This is nervy, because I must set by every start and let the LOD Window open. Wouldn’t be it possible to store the manually set values?


Try to adjust the minimum framerate in preference. if thats the problem. so it start to derender when the framerate droppes below … fps


I have tried this already, but this has brought nothing. After some time it becomes black, especially, when I rotate the view.


Mabey you see the same what i ahve seen on last meeting and mabey i have seen your problem sometimes to. on the last meeting the whole skybox did not load always. Intressting. Is your framerate dropping at that moment ?


The framerate is 30fps how I have set and dosn’t change, also when all becames black.