LOD madness . .


For as long as I can remember having LOD tools they have been broken.

For no reason at all the Auto LOD adjuster kicks in and warns me that the level of detail has achieved dangerous extremes and the interface is going to override my comfortable settings and set to something arbitrary.

That would be somewhat acceptable if it worked like that, but it doesnt, once it kicks in it has no limit, it just continues to slowly drop the level of detail until there is nothing in left the scene.

There is a disable option in the overlay which is more of a tease because it only lasts until my next restart.
If we can override it, why cant we save that setting?

So at this point I am looking for a way of completely disabling this because I cant put up with it any longer.


I think the automatic LOD manger only kicks when the frame rate falls below your minimum FPS settings… so, one way to “permanently” disable it is to set those minimum values to zero:

  • Settings > General
    • Level of Detail Tuning
      • “Minimum desktop FPS” => 0
      • “Minimum HMD FPS” => 0