LOD priority between entities and attachments


I talked about this before. and friday on minigplf it did happen again. And i still think it’s wrong approach with LOD.

Whst happend on minigolf, on the start area i where 20min before to the LOD started to kick in. Possible because more avatars and the othe content on the domain i do not see but still get rendered. Draw distance would be goo to have.

Anywat, the LOD kicked in and hair started to disappear, peoples pants get stolen. Lucky he did wear underpants. I expect that it does not take long before LOD make people stay nude !

And thats the problem. derender attachments before entities is bad, because people can end nude. domain owners can see that as reason to ban etc. The LOD is good for some drama.

Also it just looks ugly if you meet avatar on 2 meter distance and the hair poofs or the stsy spontanic in underpants, if the wear some…

Can the LOD function not make a difference between entities and attachments ? In this case derender entities first and really as last option derender attachments would make things i think much better. Avatars are at the end how you socialize and see who somebody is.