LODs - How are they determined


lod=PathToMediumModel.fbx= 10
lod=PathToLowModel.fbx= 15
lod=PathToLowestModel.fbx = 20

What exactly is the number at the end of these lines? Frame rate? Distance from the avatar (and if so, in what units)? I was unable to find any documentation explaining this.


LOD levels are currently not being utilized, but it used to be similar to when referring to Visual Acuity, or simply put the distance and size of the object .

owever this arbitary and is usually adjusted on the fly as the LOD level of models at different relative size (calculated by distance and size) is now what is used to adjust if something is visible or not.

The LOD thing was a left over thing from back in 2015, but got removed in early 2016.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to remove it from the my thread. For now, just keep polygon targets and should be fine.


So what happens right now if the user experiences slowdown? The model just disappears and stops being rendered outright? No LOD at all? Since those FST commands don’t do anything, as you say.

I was hoping it was possible to manually specify LODs, so I could use it as a pseudo “draw distance” effect. I want to have multiple worlds inside a single domain, but to pull that off, I need to be able to make other worlds disappear while you are in a different world (ie. if I have a visitor to an underwater world in my domain, I don’t want them to be able to see a scifi spaceship world off in the distance, I want that other world to disappear for them) I guess that won’t be possible then. :confused: I don’t want to have to run multiple domain servers if I can avoid it. A single domain has such an incredible amount of space, enough for dozens of different and separate “micro” worlds (accessible via teleport), but it’s really not practical to actually use all that space without some sort of manual draw distance control.


Yup, i know how you feel.I pointed at that problem long ago.

It would be good if you can set a skybox so it do not show anything outside that zone.


Welcome to alpha High Fidelity.

Yes, the ability for a zone to hide what is inside it was reported over a year ago.
LOD support for entities was asked almost 2 years ago.

There are a myriad problems, bugs, and missing features that we alphas found, reported, and are in the B pile. The A pile is where the shinies work, the work specifically for VR, system scaling and other business interests are kept. That is where the Haikru is focused - the A pile.

LOD and zone privacy is in the B pile. We just have to wait a long while. Here’s a book to read while waiting:


Highfidelity could also be a video game plateforme

So, coming back to this -

I noticed on the main homepage of High Fidelity, one of the main features listed is:

Dynamic assignment of multiple nested levels of detail using sparse voxel octree structure"

So now I’m confused. The statement above is clearly referring to LODs. Have they finally been added back? Or is this referring to something else entirely.

LOD, Clipping plane, Draw distance and stuff

No it’s always been in place.

Entities rendering priority is defined by an octree. The automatic LOD determines if the entity or the mesh group is rendered or not depending on size and density.

It’s just that we can’t define the LOD levels manually per model to control it.