Log Spam ->[DEBUG] OpenVR: Event 105


Hmm, what does this mean ?
[06/24 15:48:58] [DEBUG] OpenVR: Event 105
And why is it spamming my log ? Build 5029 It’s not something from running scripts because it still did happen after stop it. Mabye script inside entity ? or just some other bug ?

Btw this [06/24 15:48:58] [DEBUG] OpenVR: Event 105 spam mabye explains why my door is broken. because if the log get spammed. angulair velocity seems to react weird or the script.


ZappoMan seems to have fixed it in this PR https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/8129 :slight_smile:


Appears to be because of this: VREvent_IpdChanged