Log view in HMD mode


Edit: Most seems to work now i try it again. But where still forced to switch into desktop view in the vive to watch the log for action.

– Old –

The Log window close when you switch from desktop to HMD mode or back.
Also it’s hard to keep the/get the log open in HMD mode on your desktop. It’s more a problem that the mouse pointer appears when you not want it in HMD. and not appears when you need it :open_mouth:

It’s pretty hard to debug things in HMD mode because you cannot look at the log. Besides the log get spammed with so much useless information you not need with scripting.

Fiddle a bit around and you get things right, until you switch between screen modes.
It seems also to work better when youi used a trick to see the HMD screen again on your desktop when in HMD mode. (no not disabled VSynch, it’s annoying message / mode )