Logging in for the very first time?


Hiya, pry asking a really silly question, i’d like to go to the sandbox domain thing, but for some reason my interface seems to never work, when I click it it, lights up like it’s going to work, then nothing…, help?


Can you please post your system information ? What OS, some info about your hardware, etc ?


Oh, uh duh, yea sure,

Windows home premium 7, 64 bit operating system, 12 GB ram, , intelr coretm i7-3610qm CPU @ 2.30GHz, Toshiba…


What graphics card are you using ?


Intel® HD Graphics 4000


Did you run download, install and run Stack Manager before running Interface?

I’m not a Windows user but this thread may also be of interest to you to provide information for troubleshooting on this forum.