Logging in from multiple computers - avatar and bookmarks do not persist


I’m a noob. I have HiFi running on 3 different computers, sandbox running on one of them. Whenever I log in from a different computer, my bookmarks do not persist, nor does my avatar. If I bookmark a place on the laptop, then logout, quit, launch from the PC, and login, my bookmark is not there and my avatar is not the same one. Is this normal?



In High Fidelity, all your settings, bookmarks, preferences, including your avatar settings and how it looks are stored locally in your account settings in your computer. There is no account inventory associated with your avatar in High Fidelity. In fact here is no inventory at all in High Fidelity.


Thank you! I’m still figuring everything out. BTW I’ve read many of your posts, and I have learned a lot about HiFi from them. So thanks again.


Would there be any way of storing the account settings files on the cloud in some way so when people sign in on a different device that it would reference those files and maintain any personal settings?