Login status / users.js



  • The users list doesn’t display if you’re not logged in.
  • There’s no indication that you need to be logged in in order for it to display.
  • There’s no obvious indication that you’re not logged in. (Only indication is that File > Login menu item is present.
  • There’s already a menu item, View > Users Online that hides/shows users list.


  • Always display users list, per the menu item View > Users Online.
  • Make users overlay title say, “Users online - login to view”, if you’re not logged in.
  • To Interface’s title bar text add, “(NOT LOGGED IN)” if you’re not logged in.


I second this, It is confusing enough that people can float in and out without being logged in.
But whats the deal with no clear signal that a user is not logged in, I mean its worse than no signal, my name actually appears as if I am logged in, (and has been like this for several complaints now, maybe its time to look at this??)


@ctrlaltdavid - see https://highfidelity.fogbugz.com/f/cases/1659/Continuing-issues-with-incomplete-login-state and maybe bump it.


@OmegaHeron Thanks. I’ve updated the FogBugz item with a link to this forum thread plus a copy of my suggestion. … Don’t know whether or not this actually “bumps” the item or not; hopefully it does!