Long term possible project: OpenWorms in High Fidelity


See http://skefia.com/2014/04/25/support-virtual-openworms/

I am not posting this to advertise the Kickstarter (I am not involved at all) but as an example of possible future projects. The architecture if High Fidelity seems very suitable (users could run their worms on their own devices, from iPads to supercumputers), and a virtual aquarium for virtual artificial life forms would be the coolest thing in VR.


Yes, it looks nice
(have backed them already)

I was thinking on some NPC stuff from this, but that’s too early yet

Problaby among the Aplhas there are more of these ideas / hints floating around
Don’t know if this is the right place, maybe interesting to open a central topic about this kind of stuff ?


A worm, simulated down to the cell would be fun to have in HF.

…but only if it is gigantic, ridable,detects rhythms, and bursts out of the ground.