Look up a users UUID?


Is there a way to look up a users UUID (preferably with metaverse.highfidelity.com api)?


I think the uuid changes every single time a person logs in. There is no persistancy currently.


There is one used for authentication.


There isn’t a UUID used for auth - we have IDs for users in the database but they are not exposed.


wow… a new user named highfidelity1… maybe i should google


The following should be enough to provide a unique ID for the avatar as it matches the username they log in with;

var username = GlobalServices.username;

As there will be no two avatars with the name @Micah, or @Cracker_Hax for instance, it should be suitable as a UID for the avatar.


To obfuscate this, I think people should always used a hashed username instead of storing the user name it self. Gives better privacy me thinks.


Surely that would be traditional practice on any data systems where the username gets stored outside of HiFi (i.e. php & mysql service backend)


Maybe, but we still have to trust the avatar is who they say they are. Right now the closest thing to authentication we have is the script giving the server the username and location information and the server checking name and location in the user list. That could be still be falsified though.


This is something I’m looking in to as well, if I yield any results I’ll be sure to share


In the security section you can generate identity tokens, but the token information does not show the name of the owner of the token (only their UUID, which cannot be found otherwise). As far as I know there isn’t anywhere to use the token, either.