Looking for a rotate script please


Hi @Menithal,

I’m looking for a spinning script, but it seems the link is outdated. Maybe you have a new link for me? - I want give a light entity (spot) a spin. Thank you :slight_smile: .


I cant find it anylonger, but the jist of it was to just set the Angular velocity of the object, that should give the object a spin without a script, just make sure to set the angular dampening to 0 :slight_smile:


This are my settings to rotate a cube.


Wow, so easy - yeah it works :slight_smile: thanks @Menithal and @Richardus.Raymaker . That’s cool!


Hi! Have you finished this script? Do you have a working version?


Not sure on your requirements or what you are looking for, please make a new thread this is ancient and links no longer work, nor have the scripts been tested to work on recent versions of the client