Looking for a step by step guide for customizing an avatar for a complete noob


I’m not a tremendous fan of the avatars available in the marketplace at the moment.

I also do not know how to use unity, blender, zbrush, maya, etc etc

Do I have options? I saw something about ready room from morph3d but haven’t found any way to use it so it looks as though it isn’t released.


Based on @Menithal’s, @Judas’ and @Piper.Peppercorn’s guidance I did a noob-tutorial for the fuse/mixamo-workflow here:


I dont have blender or any of those programs, i just have an FBX file I was hoping to use.


Then get it, it’s all free :wink:



I figured it out, i just logged in. Someone told me what to click. Just had to click package model and move it to someplace it could be hosted.

I wasn’t looking for a multi chapter tutorial or to read multiple pages on a wiki. Just a quick explanation.

I just wish things were a bit more simplified. An avatar shouldn’t require reading several wikipedia pages, a lengthy tutorial, and three other programs.

It looks like Hifi may not be for me, at least not yet. I don’t program in java and I don’t model so there doesn’t seem like there’s much for me to do as right now hifidelity is geared towards content creators.