Looking for grabbing (control scheme) feedback


Hi everyone,

We’re looking to improve grabbing with hand controllers for new users, and I’d like to get your feedback on any issues you’ve been having, or issues you remember having as a new user in High Fidelity.

Have you had any experiences with other platforms or games that really helped you figure out the control scheme?

What are your thoughts on our current control scheme (Rift, Vive)?

I have a few proposed changes up my sleeve that have to do with the control scheme, feedback, and game-feel on user input but I’d love to get your ideas.

For instance, it would be helpful for new users to be able to see the controllers in VR, but also have the option to remove them once they become more advanced.

Let me know your thoughts!


Using Oculus touch, I remember to have found annoying that the objects get resized so easily trying to manipulate them with my 2 hands. I tend to use the grab button and not the trigger button to take object.
I personally would prefer that the object don’t get resized unless I do a specific combination of keys to do it.


It allways confuses me clicking on the tablet
Id prefer to poke it with my finger