Looking for input on a mobile companion application!


Hey everyone, if you haven’t met me in-world or seen my intro post: I’m a new designer at High Fidelity, and I’m working on a very new development of a mobile companion application for our platform!

I’d love your input and feedback on some mockups we’re working on.
Here’s a basic wireframe:

And a screencast of a reference application:
Screen Recording

We currently have the following features we’re developing in the mobile app:
Navigate in an online, 3D virtual world
Interact (talk, view) other users
Explore various places

We have some other features in mind for connecting with other users, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on what is valuable to you.

You’re welcome to give any feedback. But if you’d prefer a little more detail, I’d love your answers to these questions:

What features might you see valuable in a mobile companion application to an online 3D virtual world?
On what occasions would you see yourself using this?
How would you share this with other people?
What could you see yourself doing with your friends who are online in the mobile application?

Thanks for your help!


Stack-Manager status screen and updates for domains linked to my account. Would like to be able to have access to those on my mobile instead of requiring remote access to the machine where it executes.


on which Smartphones and Android Version will the app work?
Does its will be work also on Daydream ? (my smartphone can t do it-)
Here we have talk in the last weeks about HiFI mobile:

I would be happy to have this features, include chat.

For a short log in to see if all works on my Domain.
Visiting meetings when I can t stay @ home.
Smalltalk somewhere.


So excited to try this but not sure I want to be a android guy spending my days telling people how much better my phone is than the apple whatever
Is the s9 the entry level phone to run it?

I think I wanna use mobile hd as a easy access way into vr ,I don’t imagine building with it more just consuming
I was looking at the Sims games on the iPad and kinda like that nearly top down view.
The focus needs to be on community access more than swinging from ropes and archery.
I want to chat n share links n vids n listen to some tunes at the same time
How does it run in model heavy domains such as Crompton moor?


Can you elaborate on stack-manager? What types of status indications are you thinking?


We’re currently working on identifying mobile-optimized domains. I personally haven’t yet tried it in Crompton Moor. Thanks for your input!


id be interested in figurinf out some optomised locations once i know what i can get away with


We’re currently targeting Daydream ready devices since they are classified as ready fro 3D apps, and they also have newer versions of Android.

I can’t answer all your questions about features because we’re currently trying to identify what the community wants. But it does all of navigation, basic interaction (talk, view).

Thanks for your input!


Population count would be good, node uptime tables. Most of what is available in the settings page would be a big ‘ask’ but probably adding and suppressing user access would be a good start.


maybe a list of what hardware people have tried and how it performed, woudl be of value
a spreadsheet or somthin


I would suggest putting VR Support for the Daydream ready devices, but testing out builds for Android Marshmellow and above. That would atleast allow 50% of Android users with Beefier GPUs to get on those (S6, OnePlus 3t, etc). Most Non Daydream mobiles have pretty decent 3D Chips to atleast do single view renders.

Most users have yet even have access to Oreo (0.8%).

Case in point: Even Samsung Gear VR (devices with as much power as S6) were able to run 3D Apps just fine in double render mode.


Hmm I was actually planning on buying the oculus go
It’s a bit strange hifi never made it onto the oculus store when it’s outsold the vive
I’m gonna sit tight on mobile and let it develop a generation or 2


Actually, you can use the Rift to access HiFi by installing the SteamVR app.


My testing of the application have found that this version of the Android app does not currently support Google Daydream View as far as I could tell. Can you please indicate if Google Daydream is slated as a planned addition to this application, or if Google Daydream View support is slated for a different Android application not yet released?


The version i went through that they are pointing to have the daydream stuff disabled for now.


Right, Daydream VR mode is currently disabled, but doesn’t mean we don’t have some plans in mind. :slight_smile:


Do you have a timeframe on the first alpha-release of Daydream support? We have 2 people in house that could signup for QA support. Keep us posted! Thanks.


We don’t have a date yet, and I can’t say it’s 100% going to happen that we integrate Daydream stereoscopic, but it’s in our minds. I’ll keep in touch if/when this solidifies!

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