Looking for Metaverse SW Engineer


I am looking for help in setting up our servers and in sw development work for HF.
Our company is focused on developing solutions for online virtual reality. (qbittech.com)
We come from the SL experience and since we plan to build a strong presence in the metaverse, we would like to collaborate with any of the alphas, who can provide work in setting up our environment.
Ideally we would hire part time, someone who is currently experimenting in HF alpha. We need help mainly the server and domain and programming side, as well as scripting for in-world objects and interactions and content deployment.
Exeprience in server management, web developement and java script is needed…

If anyone is interested to collaborate with us, drop me a line here: one@computer.org



@thoys Thoys? THOYS?! You are needed here :wink:


If you did not need someone who did active in world javascript programming done in world I might would have put my name in for the job for I deal mostly in server and back end systems. I know that I have had extensive talks with @OmegaHeron and he is a very well qualified person as well.

I will also admit @thoys is very on the ball and very apt with programming in world via javascript and server administration as I took the guts from his initial work with compiling on CentOS and then built off of that to create one of the first non staff created compile guides.

There are other choices I am sure but I just spoke of the ones I know and have worked with personally.


Thank you for the replies! I am interviewing anyone who is interested to help.
Ideally we are looking for someone who has both the server admin and java script competences.

Anyone interested, please ping me on Skype: mattia_crespi is my ID.



Thanks for the reference @Coal. Unfortunately I’m a server guy too (and mesher) - I’ve spent little time on the HF Javascript code, yet. I’ve been more interested in high availability server infrastructure, load balancing asset servers and meshing than scripting.


Hi Guys, thank you all for your replies. We found some help and we are starting to work on our servers.
Always interested to hear about new things to implement, tools or particular scripts.

Thank you and see you in-world.