Looking for small dev team


Hey folks,
I am searching for a small Dev team with experience creating content for High Fidelity. We would like to build a specific environment and are looking for team to help us. We have designs and assets created and now we need help getting them working well within High Fidelity. We would like to move fast and our best guess currently is to team up with two Devs and a Tech Artist. Although the initial contract we will offer will only be for a few months, our intention is that this eventually turns into full time work for the team.

I will also be posting on Worklist but currently having issues with the site.



Hi. I’ve reached out to you via the email address provided. I am the owner and operator of Metaverse Studios LLC and have a few offerings that could be of interest. I’ve worked together with other devs and artists to complete projects for Qbit (University of N. Dakota) and JB Productions (Fumbleland proof of concept). I typically sign NDA’s for the work that is being produced and under-development, but these two projects have already rolled out to the public domain.

I look forward to your response.


I replied to your email. Let’s try to speak this morning if you are available.


Hi, I have sent you an email outlining my experience, I have worked with @AlphaVersionD on previous projects,
I believe we make a good team.
I am very interested to hear about your project.

Reach me here or via my email.
Thank you.