Looking for Stonehenge model to use in HF


Hi, I’m looking for a good Blender model of Stonehenge that can be used in High Fidelity. Should be at least as good as the model shown in the Second Life picture attached. Ideas? Where can I find one?

Example of what I am looking for:


Would this work?

The license states that it can be use for any purpose so long as you credit the creator.


Thanks @PetVal - this looks too neat and geometric to me. I guess this is how Stonehenge was built, but this model doesn’t seem able to give the magic atmosphere of today’s Stonehenge ruins.

Other free or cheap choices?


you can check here https://www.blendswap.com/


Free Stonehenge


Wow, I like this @DrFran . I’ll download the model and play with it.


Bill Oddie (The Goodies - Rome Antics, BBC):

(in response to Tim’s citing Stonehenge as a British Achievement): “What about Stone Henge? A thousand years it has been up on that hill. A thousand bloody years… And it still doesn’t fly!”